Thanks for joining us for GiveCamp Memphis! See you next year!

#memtech Slack

Join URL: #memtech Slack brought to you by MTF

Channels to look for once you join the #memtech Slack:

  • #general
    This is the default channel. Lots of nice people. You can mute this (and any) channel for yourself if it’s too busy for you! ?
  • #givecamp
    Join this (smaller) channel and say hello! ? Folks from GiveCamp Memphis hangout here year-round!
  • #channel-requests
    Request other channels! ? If you want a channel for your team, we can do that!
  • #job-postings
    ‘Cause, ya know, you can’t always volunteer…

GiveCamp Homepage (with schedule!)

Here you go! –

The weekend schedule is on that homepage, too. Or skip right to it:

Committee Application

Wanna run (part of) GiveCamp Memphis next year?

Apply now to join a committee and help us prepare! –